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Jupiter into Scorpio for Next Year: Searching for Answers to the Greatest Mysteries in Life (& Death)       

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Full Moon in Aries, Ruled by Venus/Mars Conjunction Trine Pluto and Square Saturn, in Cardinal T-Square with Pluto: Deepening and Stabilizing Relationships in a World of Chaos

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Thoughts on the Upcoming US Presidential Election

The method I use to predict Presidential elections is actually very simple: I don't look at the candidates charts or transits at all. Why? Because I've found it's an unreliable way to predict the outcome and I believe the reason for that is that we as humans, judge the winner as the one who has the best or least challenging transits around the time of the election. This shows how non-objective or subjectively judgmental we can be on what we determine as good or bad. In the case of the Presidential election, it makes perfect sense for the candidate with the most challenging aspects to be the one who gets elected actually from an objective judgmental perspective because, well, the job of the President is most likely the most challenging job in the nation! I have found this to be the case in most Presidential elections: the candidate with the easier/better transits is the loser. Back to my original point though - then what do I use? I have found that the Election Day transits themselves tell the story of the day and the winner based on that story and have been successful in doing so. This year's Election Day astrology is very interesting and confusing simultaneously. It is reflecting the nature of the current election cycle. As poles open in the morning the Moon is in Aquarius, a sign of innovation, revolution, reformation, stubborn ideals that benefit all, technology, emotional detachment and sextile Venus, but then goes void-of-course before poles open on West Coast, and stays for most of the rest of the day, before entering Pisces, a sign of faith, hope, idealism, religion, oneness, confusion, and deception late in the  afternoon. The Moon's next exact aspect shows the result of the story: early Wednesday morning it conjuncts Neptune: I believe there will be much confusion as to who is actually President when the citizens wake up on Wednesday morning - we actually may not know yet! The other possibility is that the Moon/Neptune conjunction plays out as the nature of a conjunction aspect itself: a two edged sword that can be either beneficial or detrimental depending on your point of view. In this case, one party of complete ideologues (Neptune/Pisces) defeats another party of complete ideologues (Neptune/Pisces), and thus one feels the conjunction as the emotional satisfaction of their idealism (Neptune/Pisces) winning, while the other feels complete emotional loss and confusion (Neptune/Pisces) from losing. Yikes! In addition, Mars enters Aquarius that day: will the losers take their frustration out as protest actions on the streets, or even revolution - the possibility is quite high! It's interesting to note the next aspect by the Moon is a square to Saturn late on Wednesday: does this represent the authorities having to restrict citizens in some way? There is also a Mars/Saturn semi-square that strongly supports this possibility Wednesday. The transit story continues beyond this week perhaps too - this is the most contentious, bombastic election in US history that represents a deep divide in the psyche of the Nation as a Collective. Right now, Neptune is slowing down getting ready to station direct (someone's ideals will get to move forward after this election after months of stagnation during the election cycle while Neptune was retrograde and Supreme Court only had 8 judges!), but is also conjunct the South Node as it does so: this represents the total breakdown of empathy/compassion these two different sides have for one and other - it can literally dissolve a Community (or a country). In addition it indicates the People are being exploited and deceived by the Old Guard. Judgments being made based upon their candidate's statements are wrong, and they will end up extremely disappointed when they see the depth of the deceptions and lies. I do not think it matters what Party wins, this will be the case either way. The final aspect to mention that kicks in is the Jupiter/Pluto square which lasts until next August: power grabs/trips by arrogant, self-righteous leaders is one strong possibility - forcing reformations on those you have power over; religiously fueled violence; ambition without morals; legal conflicts.  It is possible that some type of Marshall Law or curfews or travel restrictions are imposed during this period due to unrest in the populace or violent events. Honestly, in this case ,my method is not shedding any clear light on the result - in fact, it is also being affected by Moon/Neptune Pisces: dissolute. A month or two ago I had no doubt that Clinton was the winner, now I'm not so sure - the astrology of the day reflects that. Either way, this election's effect may be to tear this country in half even more so, to the point where authorities may be called upon to intervene. Is the USA headed toward a permanent split? The possibility seems more real every day forward. In 2020 when Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn while Uranus is in Taurus, large scale events that shift power permanently are likely to occur.